PLN stands for Personal Learning Network

Who do you go to in order to learn?

With whom do you share what you learn? By participating and contributing to a network of other like learners, you perpetuate yours and others PLN. During this session you will be required to join one of these PLNs or find one of your choice.
What is Twitter?
  • Twitter is a micro blog. Micro blogs are more of a broadcasting medium with much smaller blog posts--for example, only 140 characters are allowed per tweet.
  • By following people you find out what they are doing. It's reciprocal; your followers learn about you as well.
  • When people share what they are doing, they share it because it might be valuable, resourceful, or helpful. People follow in order to benefit from what is shared.
  • Connections are made between like-minded people. Following is based on interests and needs.
  • Authorities on different subjects share their information creating a continuous contributing learning circle.
  • Instant information is networked providing users with a news source. Often times the information is provided by citizen journalists. Ex. @Nipp and Schiphol Twitter Story
What is Diigo?
  • Diigo is a social network concentrated around a user's bookmarks which have been tagged.
  • You can follow what other people are bookmarking in order to learn of new web resources. Groups may also be formed.
  • Notes and highlights can be made either on the tagged bookmark or on the actual web page. Plus, a list of web pages may be presented in a visual slide show.
  • Diigo serves as an excellent search engine of evaluated web sites.
*Link here for an explanation of tagging on the Dear Librarian.
What is Classroom 2.0?
  • Classroom 2.0 is a Ning. Nings are private social networks focused around a certain theme or subject. The theme of Classroom 2.0 is Web 2.0 and social media in education.
  • Ning actually means "peaceful" in Chinese.
  • By becoming a member of a Ning, you have a wall, you make friends, you can post to a blog, and you can start discussions.
  • Within the Ning, there are groups where you can find even more targeted areas of interest.

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What is LinkedIn?
  • LinkedIn is a social network for professionals.
  • LinkedIn provides a place to receive professional recommendations, find jobs in your area of expertise, or connect with past, present, or future employers.
  • You can micro blog on LinkedIn or you can link your Twitter account--therefore your Twitter feed shows up.