Google--the most popular search engine out there!
    • Use quotations for an absolute exact search. Ex. "To be or not to be, that is the question."
    • Use the minus sign right before a word (no space in front) to let Google know to omit that word from your search. Ex. dogs -cats.
    • Use "I'm feeling lucky" when you have a pretty good idea of the site, but just can't remember it completely.
  • Wonder Wheel--makes a web of your search making it easy to know which way to branch off
  • Related Search--gives you other ideas of searching within your determined subject
  • Custom Location--lets you target the area in which you'd like to hone in your search
  • Time Saving Search Shortcuts--weather, sports, calculator, unit conversion, etc
  • Scholar--this searches just for articles
  • Blogs--this is Google's blog search engine
  • Books--this searches on line books
  • A Google a Day--race to answer a question answered by a Google search

Webpath Express--be guaranteed of approved sites by using our library's search engine

Bing--Microsoft's search engine

All My Faves--for all the upcoming new "stuff" out there, check All My Faves you need an application for students to use, check here first

Twingine--Search Yahoo and Google or Google and Bing at the same time

WordSiftt--understand your search better by finding out the other tagged words of the subject, seeing images, and accessing Visual Thesaurus

Qwiki--researching content that's delivered through storytelling

Flickr CC--find only creative commons images from Flickr on this site filtered by Peter Shanks' image search

Multicolr Search Lab--find only creative commons images based on the desired colors needed in an image amazing educational videos make sure to always take a look at Explore's stunning collection National Film Board of Canada has outstanding videos plus interactive videos that every teacher should check for curricular connections

Vimeo--this is a great alternative video depository

YouTube--one of the largest search engines out there behind Google

Twitter--for update, live citizen journalism, try Twitter or use Twitter to benefit from authorities on subjects